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As a firm that focuses on improvement, we develop solutions that empower our clients and allow them to grow. Our goal is to evolve with new innovations so that we can consistently meet our client’s needs, whether they’re in private baking, wealth management, real estate, blockchain, technology, logistics, medicine and so many other industries

At ICICB Group, we execute solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.

That’s why we take the time to understand what our clients want so that we can meet their criteria down to the finest detail. We’re here to ensure our clients’ success. At the core of the ICICB Group, we provide value. That involves ensuring that our clients never get left behind when it comes to leveraging new technologies. That’s why we’ve invested our time to make our very own blockchain, the ICICB Chain. ICICB Chain, as well as our own blockchain ecosystem, our own AI trading software in forex, options and commodities and much more.

We’ve shifted our focus to blockchain to provide our clients with this cutting-edge solution that will undoubtedly take over a wide range of industries.

That way, we can ensure that our clients continue to stay in front of their competition. We know that the blockchain is the future, which is why we’re making our own and offering it now. Our vision is for the ICICB Chain to become the foundation for future innovations.

With this, we’ve also developed the ICICB ecosystem that includes the ICICB Coin, ICICB Wallet, ICICB Bridge, ICICB Portal, ICICB Games, ICICB Marketplace, and ICICB Metaverse. With these, our clients will be able to experience the ICICB Chain to its full potential.


We own multiple companies that offer a wide variety of
services for you.


At the ICICB Group, we understand that technology is ever-evolving, which is why we’re here to evolve with it. We’ve developed the ICICB Chain, the world’s best blockchain, which will become the springboard for future innovations in various industries. With speeds of up to 30,000 TPS and transaction fees as low as $0.0000008, the ICICB Chain is changing the game when it comes to crypto-based solutions.

Alongside the ICICB Chain, we’ve developed the vast ICICB ecosystem, which includes the ICICB DEX, ICICB Coin, ICICB Wallet, ICICB Portal, ICICB Bridge, ICICB Games, ICICB Marketplace, and ICICB Metaverse.

It is through these solutions that users will be able to trade confidently and make the most out of the ICICB blockchain. Whether you want to sell NFTs, send cryptocurrencies, make money through blockchain-based games, and more, it’s all possible with the ICICB Chain.

As emerging technologies are integrated into the ICICB ecosystem, the ICICB Chain will become unlike any other blockchain in the world.

ICICB Metaverse

At ICICB, we believe that the metaverse is inevitable. We’re making strides in the development of an immersive virtual world called Cosmos, where everyone will be able to live out their dreams, no matter what unconventional they may be. With Cosmos, there are no bounds – be who you want to be, build what you want to build, buy what you want to buy, and more.

Our virtual world will have features that have never been seen in other metaverses, such as the ability to vote, establish a virtual government, and invest in virtual land. In order to create a truly realistic experience, Cosmos will offer exceptional graphics that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

By connecting Cosmos to the ICICB Chain, we’re giving users the opportunity to buy, trade, and sell valuable assets as NFTs.

Whatever you have in your ICICB Wallet will be available across the entire ICICB ecosystem – and that includes our very own metaverse – so you can create the perfect life on Cosmos.

This interconnectivity enables the ICICB metaverse to be as boundless as possible.

ICICB Private Banking

The ICICB Bank works one-on-one with clients to provide private banking solutions that meet their financial goals. For decades, we have helped investors, entrepreneurs, and more manage their wealth through our team of world-class advisors. We take your goals seriously, which is why we make it a point to shape a custom roadmap to take you there. If you aren’t sure what your aspirations are, we’re here to help you arrive at a vision, which we will then offer solutions for.

With the ICICB Bank, you will have valuable resources at your disposal, which will open doors to a wide range of opportunities around the world. Your dedicated team will be by your side as you navigate these options. ICICB Private Bank is always ready to provide accurate advice in order to put you in a strategic position to preserve or grow your wealth. You can be confident that ICICB Bank will leverage its global connections to give you the solutions that you deserve.


Atari Chain is a subsidiary cryptocurrency company created by Atari and ICICB Group. Atari Chain launched Atari Token, a decentralized cryptocurrency built using the Ethereum protocol, with a monumental vision of making it the go-to cryptocurrency token in the interactive gaming industry. Atari’s objective is to progressively develop the adoption and the use cases of the Atari Token throughout the ecosystem of interactive entertainment as well for blockchain initiatives.


ICICB Launched the Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World at Blockchain Innovation Summit in Dubai

October 28, 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dubai's ICICB Group is a renowned investment management company that fosters innovation through funding projects of value based on Blockchain-technology and the novel Metaverse. Their latest $10 million investment went towards The Luxury, which is planning to transmute the tech industry into a decentralized virtual-reality platform.....

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With A Mission To Empower Its Clients To Grow And Thrive, UAE-Based Financial Services Company ICICB Group Is Growing From Strength To Strength

October 6, 2021

Founded in 2019, ICICB Group is a UAE-based financial services company headquartered in Dubai and with a vast network of more than 114 branches and offices located in 26 countries. With owner and CEO Mousa Naser Zaki Said Al Bawab at its helm, the company’s mission is to help its clients understand and adapt....

The Luxury Bank raises USD10m from Dubai's ICICB Group

October 4, 2021

The Luxury Bank has raised USD10 million from Dubai's ICICB Group, an investment management company that fosters and funds luxury projects in banking, cryptocurrency trading, commercial real estate, and other related industries worldwide. The funds will be leveraged across The Luxury Ecosystem's various projects, including The Luxury Bank, The Luxury Foundation, a cryptocurrency PoS system, offline cryptocurrency exchanges, an NFT marketplace.....

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ICICB Group Sets Its Sights On Crypto Banking Following A Breakout In 2020, Which Saw The Firm Post A Profit Of $800 Million

September 7, 2021

The global financial ecosystem undergoes a radical transformation due to various factors, including the ongoing shift from a unipolar to a multipolar world and the integration of blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Despite the turbulent markets, the ICICB group has emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing multinational investment holding companies. With a home base set in Dubai and a vast network of more than 114 branches and offices located in 26 countries....

Atari® Partners with ICICB Group and Grants Licensing Rights to Build Atari Hotels in Dubai, Gibraltar, and Spain

March 10, 2021

Paris, March 10, 2021 – Atari®, a worldwide known producer in the industry of consumer brands and interactive entertainment products, announced today that it has entered into a license agreement with ICICB Group for the development of Atari branded hotels. According to the agreement, the first hotels will be constructed at selected locations outside the US, with Dubai, Gibraltar, and Spain being the first countries to host the Atari hotels. The licensing agreement was concluded with ICICB Group....


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